Feeding Program

During a visit to Zimbabwe in 2014, trustees became more aware of a different problem affecting the schools. Food supplies are low, particularly during the dry season (October – February). Many of the children attending Muda Primary School walk for miles without having anything to eat. Many of the children then fall asleep in class, have no concentration and suffer from headaches.

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This lack of food means that they are unable to get the most out of their education as a result. This is a waste of hard to come by school fees.

Last year, the Mudeka Foundation sourced funding for a feeding program at Muda Primary School. This provided 150 children in the lower years of the school with a highly nutritious maize porridge every morning during the dry months. This only cost 43p per child. With thanks to Trowse Primary School and private sponsors we were able to fund last year, however, we are still looking for funding for the coming year. As this situation in Zimbabwe is deteriorating, we are looking to expand the food programme to encompass more months.

Listen to Anna Mudeka talking about the Feeding Programme (Skip to 03:31:30).

If you are interested in funding this incentive, please contact us.

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