The Muda Project

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After a roller coaster of a trip to Zimbabwe in Spring 2012 the trustees came across a new challenge. The charity  has always been dedicated to supporting children’s education by sponsoring individual children but they could not ignore the school they saw at Muda.

Muda is a small village around 2 hours drive from Harare, the capital. There are 50 children who attend the high school and 35 have lost one or both of their parents. Many of the children have to walk up to 4 hours a day to get to school.

The high school building was condemned 15 years ago due to it being unsafe. The children were learning from irrelevant text books whilst sitting on makeshift benches made from bricks and wood. There were no windows and there were cracks in the floor and walls. When the wind blew or during the rainy season children needed to be on the edge of their seats ready run out of the building in case in collapsed. Still, in these conditions, the pupils came to learn and the teachers were dedicated to teach.


5 years ago, the parents of the children helped build a brand new building for the high school pupils. The villagers made all the bricks and the government sent in builders to erect it. However, they soon lost interest and the new building went unfinished.





This spurred the Mudeka Foundation to help. We went on to help rebuild the high school building. This will had a tremendous impact on the amount of children attending school and the quality of their education.

What We’ve Achieved So Far…

We thought it would be simple, we’ll just put a roof on the existing building. Unfortunately not, after many conversations with different builders and suppliers in the area it became apparent that it would be in better interest to start fresh on a new building for Muda. As of December 2013, The Mudeka Foundation begun the foundations for the new building. We are so thrilled with the progress we have made although we still have a long way to go so please continue donating, attending events and help us spread the word of our cause.



A trip to Zimbabwe in 2014 saw the project reach an even more exciting development. Our building now had walls. It was evident that the hope that we have installed into this village, along with many other events since our first visit in 2012, has made a huge change in the community of Muda. The pupil enrolment at Muda High School has tripled and word of the needs of the village has reached other charitable organisations too.





Where we are in 2015…

With the help of many generous sponsors and fundraisers, Muda High School has a roof. It was important to get this built before the rainy season and means that the building can be used for lessons.

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*****DECMEBER 2015 UPDATE *****

The school is complete!!! Doesn’t it look fantastic! A massive thanks to everyone who has made this possible.

IMG_0070-1 IMG_0070 IMG_0071 IMG_0072 IMG_0075 IMG_0073 IMG_0076 IMG_0081 IMG_0080 IMG_0079 IMG_0077


The toilet block has been started as well. More pictures to follow.

IMG_0074 IMG_0078