Schools & Children

We currently support a number of children attending schools surrounding Harare, Zimbabwe. The children we sponsor are selected by us on recommendation from their school or by a family member. The numbers of children are always changing and growing as move up to high school or graduate. We currently sponsor around 50 children over 7 schools.


Warren Park Primary School

Warren Park Primary School is located to the west of capital city, Harare. We currently sponsor 11 children attending the school all of whom are orphans or from a disadvantaged background.

The school buildings are typical of the schools in the area, single story simple brick buildings with concrete floors and single pane windows which don’t open.  The children meet together outside, rather than in a school hall, in rain or shine.


Meet Tafadzwa

Below is an example of just one of the children we sponsor at Warren Park Primary School. We were requested funding by his Grandmother who tells a small amount of his story in the letter below.

“Tafadwza is a boy aged seven years old, he is in grade two. Tafadzwaʼs mother was made pregnant living with me until Tafadzwa was born. When Tafadzwa was three years old his mother just left until now noone knows where she is. So myself the grandmother and his grandfather we are old and its not easy to live not knowing where our child is. Its now four years, this is the life Tafadzwa knows living with us his grandmother and grandfather. His Grandfather is sick with cancer of the lymphatic system, he does not work, i look after him, buying madecine and everything needed. So Tafadzwa is sent home from school because I am struggling with money and clothing for Tafadzwa. He likes playing football and watching TV and he loves school so much

Thank you Yours

“Dear Sir/ Madam

I would like to Thank you for paying my Grandsons school fees
Tafadzwa is doing good at school, he always gets good marks in Maths, English and content. He is also very happy for his payment of his school fees. Many thanks for the good work you are doing. Yours Faithfully”


Rugare Primary School

Rugare Primary School, where Anna Mudeka received her childhood education, is also located to the west of capital city, Harare. The picture below shows the children gathering outside in the baking heat as they do every morning, come rain or shine. We sponsor 12 children at this school.



Kambuzuma High School

We currently sponsor 9 children at Kambuzuma High School. These are children who we have continued to sponsor upon leaving Primary school education. The photograph below pictures some of the children carrying some of the sports and educational items we took over to Zimbabwe with us in 2012. On the far right and left, the head boy and girl of the school.



Meet Prosper

“Prosper was born on the 21 February 1999, when he was born he was already sick so his mother spent a lot of time in the hospital with him. His mother then passed away when he was four years old and his father also dying the following year. So he was left an orphan with his sister Betty. He has been sick since he was born, but now he gets some medicine, he is now much better he even goes to hospital to collect his own medicine. Prosper lives with me his Aunt and Grandmother, so the problem is school fees he is often sent home from school because of the fees. even money to buy his school uniform is tight. Prosper loves to play soccer and going to school and drama but the school does not have most of the equipment. Another thing is medicine he is on makes him hungry so he need a lot of food so thats another big problem, even clothes to wear he dosenʼt have many anymore. At home he likes watching TV and playing Cdʼs. Prosper is now in grade 6

Thank you

“Dear Sir/Madam

I Cecelia Gurdian to Prosper Karimupfumbi would like to thank you for the good work that you are doing. Prosper is now going to school everyday without disturbance of the school fees.

So i would like to thank you very much for what you are doing for my Grandchild and the other orphans. Keep on doing the good work and may God bless you and give you more than you have. GOD BLESS YOU “

Muda Primary and High School

We began sponsoring children at Muda Primary School after an unscheduled visit to the school in 2012. The trustees and supporters were overwhelmed with the amount of aid the school needed and decided to take it on as another project. We currently sponsor 12 children at Muda Primary School and are fundraising specifically for The Muda Project to finish building the new High School classrooms.


In 1997, the current high school building was condemned due to it being unsafe. In 2005, the planned replacement building programme comprising two big classrooms plus a toilet block was abandoned before completion because government support was withdrawn. This meant the children continued to learn in unequipped, condemned and dangerous buildings.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 21.10.58

The children were learning from limited irrelevant text books whilst sitting on make-shift benches. There was no window glazing, no desks, no resources, no fixings of any description. There were significant cracks in the walls and pot-holes in the floor. When the wind blew or when it rained heavily during the rainy season, children were on the edge of their bench – ready to vacate the building in case it collapses. The roof and walls of the adjoining classroom had already fallen down. It was shocking.

Since our visit in 2012, we have begun work to rebuild Muda High School. A roof was placed on the unfinished building and we started work on two classrooms. Visit the Muda Building Project page for more information. If you would like to get involved and help us to fundraise for this project please contact us.

Victory Academy & Warren Park D High School

We have been fortunate enough to allow a number of children to continue their education through primary school and onto a high school education. We currently sponsor 1 child at each of these schools. Although the fees are higher at a high school, small donations are very useful and we have many private sponsors willing to help us. If you’re interested in sponsoring a child please visit the ZIPS (Zimbabwe Individual Pupil Sponsorship) page for more information.